Zoom How-To

Zoom How-To

To Sign Up for free Zoom account (not required, but makes things easier if you’re going to use Zoom more than once):

  • Open the internet and go to zoom.us
  • Click “Sign Up, it’s free”
  • Input your information
  • Go to your email, you should have an email from Zoom. Follow instructions in email to finish setting up account. *helpful hint: a username is just a nickname you’ll use to sign in, if you were Santa Clause you might pick “StNick1225”, a good option is a little nickname with a number at the end you can remember
  • When you click on “activate account” from the email Zoom sends you, after inputting your username and password it will take you to a screen that says, “Don’t Zoom Alone” – Scroll down and click “Skip this step”
  • Sign in to your account with new username and password you just chose
  • You have the option to stay in your browser (the internet) or download the Zoom app for a more seamless integration – either will work for our church services/classes, it is totally up to you! J

When it is time for church/class:

You can use the link provided in the email *but if you lose the link you don’t need it*, because you can also go to www.zoom.us and at the top of the screen click “join a meeting” and type in the Meeting ID number in the email (*Pastor Steve’s Meeting ID is always the same as his cell phone number: 616 901 7633) so you don’t need an email with any info at all (sometimes we forget to send them!). Once you’re in the meeting, click “connect to audio” this will allow you to hear everyone, and people to hear you if your microphone is turned on. At the bottom (or top if you’re on a cell phone or iPad) of your screen you’ll see a little microphone and a little video camera icon – touch these to turn your microphone and video camera on and off. *Helpful hint: the icons turn red when they are off. If your microphone is red, people can’t hear you talking!

Please join the Zoom room with your video turned on and your audio will automatically be muted/off.

Zoom room link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6169017633