Purpose Driven Bulletin

Purpose Driven Bulletin

The new bulletin design is up and running and it’s a great thing!

A reminder that the mission at Lakewood is to BRING people in; BUILD them up in the faith & SEND them out to serve! It’s obvious that the bulletin doesn’t exist to bring any one to visit us. But it has EVERYTHING to do with the building and sending process.

The new tear-off connect card is designed to do what it says, CONNECT our regulars and new comers to a ministry or event or mission opportunity that will build us up and send us down roads of outreach.

So, this Sunday, be a good example to anyone sitting next to you to carefully consider the choices listed on that card and check it off so we can help them feel a part of the bigger picture! If you want to put your name on it, that’s a bonus, but I would encourage any visitors to fill their info out. Just remember your first visit to any church and how you were welcomed. (or not) We are ALL part of the Hospitality team!

We’re introducing a new item to our website, the opportunity to sign up for events. The following is the description for Pizza with the Pastor scheduled for April 22. Please forward this invitation to anyone that could benefit from this meet and greet.

Are you new or newer to Lakewood? Consider this your personal invitation to join Pastor Steve and Ilse and maybe other members of our staff for pizza and casual conversation. We’ll start right after the second service on April 22 and talk for about an hour and a half.

Lunch is on us and it’s a great time to connect with others who are also new to Lakewood. This is a family friendly event!

Our plan is to offer this around 3 times a year so that everyone can learn more about our mission & vision as you get to know Lakewood’s leadership team. Sign up online @ https://lakewoodmiumc.org/sign-up/pizza-with-pastor/





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