Modular Worship

Modular Worship

Join us on December 23 @ 10 o’clock for a celebration of the Christmas story in a way you’ve never experienced it!

And then, starting on December 30, 2018, Lakewood United Methodist Church will be moving to a modular approach to Sunday morning worship and education on Sundays.

Modular Worship

Coffee and snacks will be ready for you at 9:30 and will begin Sunday School time for kids and various offerings for adults. 10:15 will kick off our worship time with praise music and after announcements at 10:30, we’ll continue worship.

The one service of the morning will contain the sermon, offering, special music, corporate prayer, hymns, communion (once a month) and will conclude at around 11:30.

Nursery is available the whole morning, 9:30 – 11:30, for children 0-5 years old.

We know that all change comes with some level of worry and fear, but we hope you will join me in celebrating this change and seeing it as a significant move towards reaching more people and better serving the people that already call Lakewood their home.

The decision to unite our Sunday morning services was one that has been discussed and prayed over for by the leadership of Lakewood for quite some time. While there are many reasons why we believe this is the next step God is directing us in, but the primary reason is we believe this move will help us better accomplish our mission of turning the world right side up with Christ; one person, one family and one community at a time.

We believe this move will help us in three strategic ways:

  1. This move will better unite our congregation by having a shared worship experience: Neighbors will get to know neighbors. New friendships and relationships can grow by worshiping and studying and being together.
  2. Creating a stronger emphasis on intentionally creating disciples:Diverse and challenging educational opportunities at every age and spiritual maturity level will create more disciples for the glory of God!
  3. Relieving the pressure of an over-extended ministry base: We want as many people helping and engaged as possible, and this change still provides ample opportunity for that. Combining our efforts will lessen the possibility of volunteer burn-out. We still need help with media (sound, audio, video), worship, nursery, Kids, greeters, etc. This is what a family does…it takes turns serving one other! Young, old, married, single, boys, girls…there’s room for everyone to help.

The final thing we would ask is please PRAY! Pray that God would continue to use our church as a family on mission for His glory in the Lake Odessa area and celebrate that now there will be a unified worship gathering for that to take place in.


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