Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

I was struggling years ago to find just the right prayer to pray on Memorial Day. I wanted it to be a prayer where we can thank God for our country and thank God for the men and women who have defended this country, without stating that God has somehow made us better than others who live in other countries.

Has God blessed us in the U.S.? Absolutely! But I believe he has also blessed the people of other nations as well – often in different ways.

The Kingdom of God is so much bigger than America…

Psalm 31:12; “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”!

Righteous God,

You are the Lord and the Creator of all that is, all that was, and all that will be.

You rule over every nation,

From the United States of America

To the smallest countries of the world.

We thank you, Lord,

That you have blessed us with freedom and liberty in this country

Just as you have blessed citizens of other countries in numerous ways.

We also thank you, Lord,

For those brave men and women who have sacrificed themselves

Even to the point of death

To uphold and protect those freedoms

From people and nations which are seeking evil for us.

We trust, Lord,

That though there is a time for war,

There is also a time for peace.

Help us to live then, not as people of war,

but as people who desire and love peace

Help us to be more eager for agreement than for victory.

And help us to refrain from hate but seek to always show your love.

For we desire to be faithful to you, and to your Son Jesus Christ,



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