Lakewood COVID Update Mar 25

Lakewood COVID Update Mar 25

The situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is constantly unfolding in our world, and Lakewood leadership has been monitoring and considering all the information that is coming out.

Lakewood UMC will, for now, be closed indefinitely.

We’ve been trying to decide as this goes on the definite date that we will be able to resume normal activity, but in reality, nobody can predict that day. So, we have decided to continually say indefinitely, and we will evaluate as data comes, we will open as quickly as we feel it safe.

Tonight, we are having a praise team (at safe distance from each other) record the praise songs for Sundays through April 19. It’s our prayer that this will not be necessary, but just in case, we will continue to provide you with an hour of family worship time.

I will be working to make these recordings as interactive as possible. Creativity in this time is very crucial! I plan on doing a Good Friday broadcast, so stay tuned for details.

I encourage you to remain faithful in your giving. I know that there are hardships among you, just asking that you remember your offerings are an extension of your worship.

In this entire process, I want to remind you to not lose your faith.

God is here and God is present with you. He loves you. He loves us all as a human family. He is also sovereign over this virus too. At the same time, that doesn’t free us of the responsibility to work very hard as citizens here on earth.

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