Invite a Friend Sunday – September 23

Recent research has shown that the best-received means of seeing new people walk into one’s church is a personal invitation. However, it’s good to remember that in today’s culture, you might be inviting someone to attend a church service for the first time in their lives. Communicating the value of why a churchgoer attends is going to take some time.

Almost 70% of Americans say a personal invitation from a family member or a friend or neighbor would be very or somewhat effective in getting them to visit a church.


So, people ARE open to an invite from church, particularly if it is from someone they know. But one simple invitation doesn’t make them return. Family and neighbors may come because of an invitation, but they’ll stay for the community.

The more often people go to church, the more likely they are to invite someone to go along. Almost half of those who attend services once or twice a month had not invited anyone to go with them (46 percent). By contrast, 26 percent of people who attend at least once a week had not invited anyone.

One researcher was quoted as saying, “Inviting people to church should be commonplace. Still, some churchgoers don’t put much thought into inviting others.”

Sunday, you each received a postcard inserted into your bulletin. The person making the announcements forgot to point that out to you. That person was me. Sooooo, what we as a worship team decided was to have each of you invite someone you know to check out at least one service at Lakewood.

Our target for “Bring someone to Lakewood” day is Sunday, September 23!

That means this week you can hand that card to someone and tell them you’d love to see them that Sunday and you’ll save a seat next to you!

We have so many exciting things happening the next couple of weeks:

  • Wednesday Night Live returns!
  • Women’s Conference – Fan the Flame, this Saturday!
  • Centershot begins a week from today!
  • Sunday School is off and running!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you know join in the fun?!?



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