Here’s What I’m NOT Giving Up For Lent

Here’s What I’m NOT Giving Up For Lent

Here’s what I’m NOT giving up for Lent

I’ve frequently observed the traditional giving something up each year during Lent as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for me. Common thing I hear as suggestions from others social media, excess TV watching, swearing, pop, and of course sweets. These days it seems lots of people just end up using Lent as a reason to diet, which can be frustrating (not the point)! Although, if Jesus is the motivation you need to make some positive life changes, then go for it.

I talked to Julie on Friday and she gave me the idea of adding something in. Doing something a little extra to better yourself and draw you closer to your faith. It reminds me of the concept of adding in when pursuing a healthier lifestyle — instead of focusing on restricting certain foods why not just make an effort to add in a salad, or a fruit, or an extra glass of water? Focus on doing more things that encourage health instead of labeling other things as “bad.”

So yes, I will still be following tradition and giving something up this year. But I’ll also be taking a few minutes each day to focus on these spiritually healthy habits. These are habits that often fall by the wayside, especially with a busy schedule. They are things that always keep me more rooted in my faith. The best part is the effect that spills over into the rest of my life. I am calmer and more centered when I make time with God a regular part of my life.

  • Seek the Father.
  • Embrace the outcasts.
  • Run the race set before you.
  • Glorify God in some way, every day.
  • Put people first.  
  • Pray… a lot. 
  • Do things with excellence.
  • Be loyal. Value team.
  • Live a balanced life. Love God, love people.
  • Keep things simple. 
  • Pray daily for wisdom.  
  • Set healthy boundaries. 
  • Confront hypocrisy.
  • Teach the Word.
  • Pray for God’s vision, not yours.
  • Serve the poor. We’ll learn more from them than they’ll learn from us. 
  • Never forget, you’re not the only tool in God’s toolbox.  
  • Never allow yourself to think you’re indispensable.
  • Walk with the Spirit daily.   
  • See everything, overlook a lot, correct a little.
  • Don’t use words carelessly.
  • Don’t forget your identity–child of God.
  • Be you, not someone else.
  • Don’t quarrel. Think before yelling. 
  • Read widely, not just stuff you agree with.
  • Never be co-opted by politics. 
  • Don’t forget, we deserve Hell. It’s all grace.
  • Admit you could be wrong about many things.
  • Take risks. 
  • Don’t throw away your reputation by making foolish, impulsive choices.  
  • Don’t spend too much time being worldly.  
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Don’t pull rank unless there are no other options. 
  • Don’t be afraid of humiliation. It teaches humility.
  • Delegate things. 
  • Practice spiritual disciplines.
  • Forgive quickly. Don’t keep score.


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