Giving FAQs

Giving FAQs

Q: How do I sign up for recurring debit/credit payments online?

A: Visit, click on Donate. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a profile and schedule your recurring donations. You may also scan the QR Code above with your smart phone to set up and manage your one-time and recurring gifts, using your smartphone’s Web Browser. You’ll have the choices of bank account, credit, or debit card.  An option is available to help offset the card processing fees.

Q: Is there an App available for my Smartphone?

A: Yes, download the ‘GivePlus Church’ App (available for both Android and Apple devices).  Once downloaded, turn on location services, click on ‘find churches near me’, select our church, and set up one-time or recurring donations from either your bank account, or a credit/debit card. An option is available to help offset the card processing fees.  You can also manage and view your giving from the convenience of your smartphone!

Q: Is it possible to make a one-time donation?

A: Yes, a one-time donation is possible.  However, if you want the donation to be credited to you for tax purposes, you’ll need to create a profile either online or via the App.

Q: Can I offset the card processing fees?

A: Yes, there is an optional checkbox available for you to choose to increase your donation by 3% to cover the fees charged by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  The total amount of your donation will be credited to your account for tax purposes, with the extra 3% being used to offset the fees.

Q: Why offer credit/debit processing now?

A: Many in our congregation only use credit/cards for their financial transactions.  They seldom carry cash, nor do they have a checkbook. Offering credit/debit cards makes giving more convenient.  Also, we have already had two Sundays in 2018 when services were canceled. We collected no offering on those days, and so far that income has not been recovered from subsequent offerings.  Having recurring electronic donations will provide for a more even income stream, regardless of events such as bad weather, summer vacations, or winter snowbirds.

Q: What is a QR Code?

A: A QR code is a type of matrix barcode that is machine-readable and contains information about the item to which it is attached.  Our QR code contains the web address for online donations, so that when you use the QR reader on your Smartphone, it will take you directly to the online giving page, where you can use the browser on your Smartphone to make a donation.  This code will appear on all bulletins.

Q: What church funds are available to me?

A: All your current choices are available: General Ministry, Debt Reduction, Memorial, and Capital Improvement.

Q: Can I donate to multiple funds with one transaction?

A: Yes, you have the ability to donate to any or all of the choices above on a single transaction.  You can also have multiple recurring transactions with different frequencies targeting different funds.

Q: Will other payment capabilities be available in the future?

A: Yes, the Finance Committee is exploring other capabilities such as kiosks in the gathering area, text-based donations, and mobile card readers.  Look to future newsletters for further updates.

Q: Is my personal information (bank accounts/credit/debit cards) secure?

A: Yes. Lakewood UMC has contracted with Vanco Payment Solutions to host our giving website.  Vanco meets or exceeds all industry standards to safeguard your data. To help ensure your data stays safe, they leverage technology such as tokenizing card data and encrypting sensitive information for transmission and storage.

Q: Is any information on bank accounts or credit/debit cards stored in the church office?

A: No.  Only the Vanco website/servers contain this sensitive data.