Covid “Front-Line Warriors”

Covid “Front-Line Warriors”

Covid “Front-Line Warriors”

Here’s the latest list…add more names to the list and remember to pray for these heroes on a daily basis.

Nurses, Medical Techs, Doctors, etc.

Emily Taylor Kathleen Thorn Tami Woodman
Becky Altoft Stacy Gangwer Sherie Stalter
Ilse Place Brooke Armbruster-Grime Bonnie Dougherty
Courtney Wierenga-Foley Neena Rush

First Responders

Jim Stowell Ben Stowell  
Andy Armbruster Jenna Warner  
Blake Pepper    

Covid Tracers

Julie Dingerson Sara Steed Diane Slocum

Food Workers (Production & Serving)


 Retail Stores


 Prayer: Loving God, in the midst of our world’s—your world’s—coronavirus crisis, we beg to bring before you the brave women and men who are closest to the sick and suffering.

So many are nameless to the public but not for the fellow human beings they are caring for: doctors and nurses, orderlies, chaplains and ambulance drivers, the police keeping order at hospitals, for nursing home employees, for the tracers and for those who work so that we can meet our physical needs in stores and gas stations. We give thanks for these men and women and all who prepare and deliver their food, clean their workplaces and ensure their safe transport home.


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